Hot Running

Hot running can mean a lot of things depending on context. As in “wow you are running really hot at the moment” which you might say to a club mate reeling off PB’s. You might hear someone say about a runner “I think He/She is really hot!”, which is probably a reflection on their physical … Continue reading Hot Running

Virtual Races?

Is it just me or is the rise of the virtual race medal completely bonkers? In case you are not aware of it a number of operators (including running magazines and event organisers) have started offering medals for virtual races. The concept is that Jo runner goes out for a run on their own, usually … Continue reading Virtual Races?

Time flies

Checking in today I see a month has sped by since I last wrote. How did that happen. What have I been doing? Well its all been busy thats for sure. Since getting back from a short holiday in Greece in June we have organised the Harry Hawkes 10 mile and Ditton Dash 10k, both … Continue reading Time flies