38 miles in a week – training ramps up.

There comes a point in most marathon training schedules when you move from thinking “this is comfortable” to “wow this is getting hard”.  With 9 weeks to go for New York I have reached that point. It wasn’t helped by some very hot weather at the beginning of the week which led to a decision not to do the session on Tuesday, meaning I had to cover 38 miles in 4 sessions. But it worked out in the end and I am still on the mileage target although possibly a bit behind schedule on speed?) There is a bit off confusion here. The schedule I am following is a sub 4 hour and my target time (subject to review) is 4 hours 30, so maybe I am not far off where I need to be.

This week I totaled 38 miles, which was 9.5 miles on Wednesday including a timed mile at 8.04, 6 miles on Thursday checking out the forthcoming Cabbage Patch 10 route, 7 miles on Saturday including a 25.11 parkrun at Kingston and 15 miles on Sunday from Windsor to Shepperton, checking the first 3 stages of next Sundays river relay. Total miles over 7 weeks since the start of the programme is just over 200, averaging 29 miles a week. Make no mistake, a marathon is a big commitment. The serious fast guys will be running at least double this distance.

So how do I feel? On the whole pretty good and pleased to have got to this point without any obvious injury. On Wednesday I thought I was running pretty well. I actually did about 2.5 miles further than intended because I had to go back for my running pouch which i had left by a tree near the start of the Arethusa mile. It wasn’t there but my friend Carol from the Stragglers found it and kindly dropped it off at my home. On the Thursday I wasn;t running awfully but it did not feel good. Lots of niggles and generally feeling tired. Saturday felt lethargic on the run down to the park run but still got my second best time this year in 25.11. Today was complicated. I had to leave my car at the Manor Park, Shepperton car park, then cycle around 16 miles to Boveney , then leave the bike at Windsor and fit in a 15 mile run back down the course! It went OK but I carried a lightweight running sack and it hurt my shoulder, damaged after a fall slipping on a boat slipway last weekend. Still did the miles at an averageof 10.46 mm, which as it turns out is well within my long run training band.

Next week is slightly lighter although it is supposed to include a half marathon race, which I cant do. And I have the River Relay to organise which will knock out Sunday if not the weekend. Will need to come up with a good variant.



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