NYM training week 5

Went into week 5 feeling a bit tired from the Sunday run and might have missed Monday. But the weather was good and when Kevin suggested we meet at Hampton hill to discuss the Cabbage patch organisation I couldn’t resist the chance for 4 miles with the Star runners beforehand.

Being mid August and the holiday season it was only a handful of runners who turned out and four of us went off at a fairly sedate pace. Mark recovering from injury, John from a badly gashed shin, me from a hard schedule – runners can be excellent when it comes to excuses!

The fourth in our group was Phil who I had never spoken to much before. After about 2 miles we fell in together and as the conversation progressed, so did our speed. Phil is on the other side of 70 but still runs regularly. Both of us started running regularly at around 50. He was much quicker than me on marathons with a PB of just over 3 hours while my best time (London 2002) was a shade under 3hrs 57. A good second half brought our average pace down to 9.51 which was respectable.

Afterwards in the Star we got into race planning for the Cabbage Patch 10. One of Londons most famous races it dates back almost to the London Marathon. Many famous runners have won it over the years, not least of which being Mo Farah. This year the Stragglers running club have taken over the full management and I have the honour of being the race director. The race takes place on October 13th, just a week after another race I am organising, the Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon. A busy time approaching!

Tuesday night was the Thames Ditton group and i really wanted to get over to see the guys. We ran out to Hampton Court and did the timed mile which is a monthly treat. Legs felt very heavy, but managed to get in under 8 minutes (7.57) and with an overall distance of 4.35 miles the remainder at around 10mm. Wednesday definitely a rest day!

Thursday night at the Stragglers in Ham. Good run in the park at sub 9mm pace, just over 5 miles.

Friday went to the movies to see the latest Tarentino, Once upon a time in Hollywood, which was excellent. Then on to Saturday morning parkrun at Kingston. Pushed hard on this one and was rewarded with my fastest time of the year at Kingston in 25.23 which is an average of 8.14. Not quite knocking on the door of a sub 25 but I feel its feasible.

The final run of the week was a long run at 11 miles. I got up early intending to get out right away but made a cup of tea and went back to bed to read and fell asleep again  so it was 09.30 before I set out. One of the side effects of running 5 times a week is that you tend to run out of kit and I coulnt find any shorts, so ended up with a pair of swimming shorts which will double for running. As it turned out they were a very apt choice. Hardly had i started out when it began to rain and it continued to do so – sometimes torrentially – until I got back home 11 miles and I hour 51 minutes later. Fortunately I had glanced at the forecast and taken a cap. Got absolutely soaked and could easily of gone swimming without getting any wetter. Still a good run and felt pretty strong, so the training must be paying off. Nice route from Kingston Hill into Richmond park at the Ladderstyle gate, then anti clockwise towards Roehampton on the perimeter path and up to Richmond Hill at just under 5 miles. Downhill to Richmond Bridge then back along the river path to Ham and back up Tudor Drive. Almost exactly 11 miles door to door with an average pace of 10.08. Not bad given the hills on route and about where i am on the longer runs. That makes a bit over 31 miles this week and keeping bang on schedule to date. 11 weeks to raceday!








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