Tiredness kicks in -attitude kicks ass.

So after a hard Tuesday last week I thought about giving Wednesday a rest. Not for long! Wanted to get out there and it was a nice summer evening so I set off to run the three miles to Bushy Park for the Arethusa Mile. First mile felt awful and I seriously considered cutting short and heading home. But coming into Kingston centre I picked up a bit and by the time I got into the park I was going OK. Arrived a bit after 8pm and spent a while chatting to other runners which is always nice. But as usual we had to wait for the cars to leave and the gates to shut so by the time the mile started I was past my peak race readiness. There were around 35 runners and a good standard. I quickly fell behind the pack and despite max effort could not make an impression on the runners I was following. Ended up in 8 minutes for the mile, slower than the previous week. Have to accept the higher mileage is taking a toll. But feeling pretty good overall

Thursday was a club run from the Hawker Centre in Kingston. Went out with a medium group for a run in Richmond Park. Did just under 5 miles and found the first hald hard but picked up on the way back. 18 miles over three days so not too bad and on plan.

Rest day Friday (thank God) followed by a patk run at Bushy on Saturday morning. Very windy and I was not sure of what shape I was in so pleased to get a good time. 25.36 which is an average of 8m. 17 and gave me a good age position and grading.

Final effort requires on Sunday to hit the weeks target. Got up reasonably early and out for a lap of Richmond Park with a bit of a local road extension to make up distance. Not fast but steady and despite the week i felt strong and did 8.4 miles at 9.53 pace.That gave me a total of 30 miles for the week and keeping on top of the schedule. Tired but pushing the programme. Lets keep kicking but taking care not to push over the fitness edge into the injury zone!






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