Enter week 4

So hummed and hared a bit re running on Monday but it was down as a rest day on the schedule and I was a bit knackered after last week so took the evening off. So probably a good plan as felt reasonably fresh fot the Tuesday evening session at Thames Ditton, As this week was billed as a social the runs were in groups and it ended up that Donavan Duffy led a Fast/Medium combined group and Jim and Merran took a smaller slower group.

I felt obliged to push it a bit and went with the quicker group which was always going to be a push. It ended up as a very good run at the top end of my training pace, averaging 9.13 mm over 6 miles. I have to admit it felt quicker than that, which shows that there is an age relate slowing down going on here, because experience taught me I was performing close to my best. But I can take this and it was a great run incorporating Ditton Woods, Littleworth Common woods and Telegraph Hill.

I can tell already that a formal approach to training is bringing in benefits. The next 3 months are going to be about improved speed over shorter distances, increased mileage overall. Steady build up on longer runs and keeping it at a level where I don’t get injured! Keep that lot together and I will run New York in around 4 hours 30 minutes in November.

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