Marathon training

I decided that I still have some marathon running left in me although the times have got slower over the last few years. My son Alex is currently living and working in New York, so it seemed that 2019 was a good year to fulfill a long ambition to run in the New York Marathon. I checked out the options and decided to apply for  a place through Sport Tours International who offer packages for overseas (non US) based runners.

The package I have gone for includes a flight and entry into the TCS New York Marathon. Its not cheap but it guarantees a place and takes the hassle out of getting out to NYC. And given I can stay at my son’s place and don;t have any accommodation costs it works out pretty well. So all going to plan I should be at the start on Staten Island on November 3 ready to run 26.2 miles through the 5 New York boroughs.

When marathon training I always keep a log of my runs, and for this one I thought I would keep a diary as well. Then I thought, “hey” why not put it online and resurrect my blog? So between now and November expect to see regular updates on how the training is going. For me this will be an adventure and a trip into four months of endeavour. Hopefully it will be an interesting read for any runners out there aspiring to run a marathon or  marathon runners who will know from there own experience what its like to go through the training programme. Hope to see you soon! Peter


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