End of Holiday

The cross shore came in so as it was my last sailing opportunity just had to get out and windsurf. Put on a bigger sail at 5.8 metre, which was actually not quite enough as the wind never came in that strong. Enough to get planing a few times but mostly just on the edge. But I ended up spending 3 hours on the water and came in shuffling like a grinning ape.

Wildwinds BBQ in the evening. We arrived after the food having eaten in Ponti ear lier, but in time for the music. Joe the centre manager does a great acoustic set which he kicked off with our favourite Vassiliki anthem, the Pixies “This monkeys gone to Heaven”. “If man is five than the devil is six and God is Seven, this Monkeys gone to Heaven”. You need to be there. Followed by an electric set by his band, “The Big Dipper” which is comprised of whoever happens to play and is out in Vass at the time. This year its a tight three piece with Joe on Lead and vocals, a young instructer on Bass and a considerably older but excellent guy on drums. Some rousing classics got the dance floor bopping. I especially remember pogoing to Feeder’s “Buck Rogers”.

Not surprisingly felt mega stiff again this morning. Decided not to run and did my second yoga class of the holiday. Doing yoga makes me realise just how inflexible I am once I get out of a running posture. Resolve to do more back in the UK. Just chilling now on the beach. Flight back from Prevazza later aand will be back in the UK this evening.

Tomorrow is Thursday. Must make it down to the Stragglers in the evening. For a run of course and also to hand out some marshal bibs. The Harry Hawkes raceday is approaching soon and we have quite a few Stragglers as marshal volunteers. June 24th, 10mile and 10k. http://www.harryhawkes10.com



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